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Post order process

We are providing the best and fast services to provide you quality, tailored to fit, custom-made leather products, we have our own in-house stitching experts that make it possible to deliver you promised quality products too fast at your step door.

Your order proceeds in the following steps

  • You placed the order along with required details like size and custom instructions.
  • When we received your order we do verify that it includes all the required information, if not we may contact you back to confirm the required details, it takes a maximum of 1 day.
  • After clear payments and order details, we send stitching details to our tailor master,
  • Your jacket stitching takes 4 to 5 working days, it depends on the number of orders already being processed or rush times.
  • After stitching, we inspect stitched items to ensure quality and measurement accuracy.
  • Now approved item is ready to be picked and dispatch.
  • A courier vehicle picks shipment in the evening of each working day, and the next day we provided the tracking number.
  • We forward you the tracking number to make it easy for you to be aware of the item position and estimated delivery date.
  • Shipment usually takes 15 to 25 days to reach you but it depends on the location where the item is being shipped.
  • For any delay please contact us or ask the courier with the reference tracking number to confirm delivery.
  • You may have to pay customs duties or taxes based on policies applied in your country.

When you have received the item, please carefully checkout for design, size, and stitching if you got any complaints or queries please feel free to contact us at

Email: [email protected]

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