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Custom Measurement Form

Before you go ahead and pay for your custom leather jacket, please gather as much information as you have on the jacket you would like made. If you have seen the jacket on someone else, please include as many clear photographs as you can. If you have the design of a jacket, or you have seen a jacket somewhere, like in a movie, on any other online store, or your friend wears it. If you want tailored fit, quality stitched, cheap price jackets for yourself or your beloved one, now uLeather offers custom-made jackets of your choice. If the jacket is your idea, please send us a drawn pattern as detailed as possible. An A4-sized drawing is acceptable. We also offer all our styles for both sexes.

Please note: We only make custom patterns, not custom fits. We have spent a long time perfecting the sizes of the jackets to give the perfect fitted look. You can, however, choose your desired length of the jacket and the length of the sleeve. Please check the size chart and remember to include the size you require. When you have all the information ready, email us here ([email protected]), and we will get back to you to confirm the jacket can be made and then send you an invoice to pay the custom price.

Customs orders will take between 15 – 20 days to be made. Unlike our regular leather jackets, all custom sales are final. Each return/exchange request will be investigated on an individual basis.

How to order Custom Jacket?

  • Find Images of the desired Jacket or Sketch on paper.
  • Take measurements according to the given charts, then select a size.
  • Select Jacket images from your computer via the *Jacket Images fields.
  • Write detailed instructions to custom stitch in the *Custom Instruction box.
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • We will contact you back for further details.

Why Custom Jacket?

  • Quality stitching, tailored to fit.
  • Size, color, and leather quality choice.
  • Low prices than brands and other online stores.
  • We stitch jackets by paying a detailed attention
Custom measurement form

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